7 Health Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity

There’s no hidden secret about the benefits of exercise on our body. Everybody knows it. Any form of repeated movements which involves your body parts can be considered as an exercise. Similarly, sports or any other physical activity can be considered under the category of exercises.

Health Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity

If you want to gain the benefits of exercise, first of all, you need to stick on something that you love doing. Once you are on, it will improve your health in ways like-

Health Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity

Weight Loss

Weight issues like obesity and overweight can increase stress and some of them will have low self-esteem too. Now, it’s upto you how you want to face it – by working on your body or to just let the things go as they do. The tip here is to work out for a medium to high intensity, and by keeping it for a longer duration.

Stress Reduction

A half-an-hour morning walk can soothe and relax your mind in a way that you wouldn’t have imagined. Exercise or any other sports like ping pong will add more joy and happiness inside – making you less stressed about life.

Raises the Endurance

If you exercise daily, you could build up your cardio endurance and muscle endurance effectively. This will let you perform exercises for repeated times without getting winded, and will eventually help with performing daily activities more efficiently.

Mood Enhancer

Less stress will automatically help with improving your mood!

Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases

Now you know, the heart is the core part of our body and it’s our duty to keep them healthy and strong. With regular exercise and proper diet intake – you can keep your heart healthy, which in turn lowers the risk of heart ailments like stroke, heart attack, and even diabetes.

Cholesterol in Control

Exercise lowers the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the HDL (good cholesterol) score of your body.

Flexible Body

Flexibility reminds me of Yoga. If you practice yoga every day, it will improve the posture of your body and also make it more flexible than before. Not just yoga, any stretching exercise can help with attaining a strong, flexible physique.

It’s time that we consider ours and our family’s health. So, what kind of exercises do you perform, and how did it benefit? Share in your stories by commenting to this post, below.

When I Met Jessica Watkins, the Newest Recruited Nasa Astronaut

Heya everyone, so I read about the Interview of Jessica Watkins written by Swapna Krishna who is currently working as a contributor writing for many renowned websites. I couldn’t resist writing and sharing with you guys, some of the excerpts from the interview.

When I Met Jessica Watkins, the Newest Recruited Nasa Astronaut

Jessica Watkins is one of the lucky and yes hard-working candidates who got selected to be part of the NASA group for the class 2017 batch. There were among 18,000+ applicants for the job and after tough filtering and tests – the count was brought down to just 12! A team of 12 member – 7 men and 5 women bunch of geeks from a variety of fields joined together made the 2017 batch.

Jessica Watkins

Jessica was asked her thoughts on the diversity of the people working at NASA, and the racial diversity.

That’s what NASA is all about, it is a place with some amazing bunch of people belonging to a variety of fields, working together. Looking at the new class 2017 batch itself says a lot on the diversity, and it’s going to be more amazing!

Swapna asked Jessica on her life and experience as a geologist, on which the answer was like

She always wanted to be an astronaut from childhood itself, and she went to Stanford University and was studying the Mechanical Engineer Majors, as she thought that was necessary to study space. But later she dropped out from the field and opted for the geology and she knew that was the right choice.

On asking to give any advice to the young girls who dream to be at the STEM,

That persistence is important. Also having a mentor with you who pushed you and guides you with the process is a must. Guidance with the persistence goes a long way.

What was her work with the Mars Curiosity Rover?

In this process, by the half day, we do the complete planning of what the rover will do the next day. While the second half of the day is spent analysing the data that has been received from the Mars.

It was great reading through the short interview, and guys you must check it out too.

Jessica is indeed a positive soul and a bundle of inspiration for us! 

How to Maintain a Health Diary | for Personal Wellness

Creating a personal diary is not a tough job as it may seem to you. Now, you may bluntly ask me as – why to keep a diary, that too a health diary? What’s the importance of it?

If I ask you how are you feeling, you may be either happy or sad depending on your mood. But if you are focussing on your diet, you will realize that a lot of times – our mood is determined by what goes inside our tummy! Believe it or not!

Maintain a Health Diary

Therefore, if you simply want to take control of your happiness and mood – then keeping a control on your diet is a must, and you can achieve it with the help of a Health Diary. But how to do that? We shall find out.

How to Maintain a Health Diary

There are no fixed rules on how to start a health diary, as it is simply a book in which you can writing down your mood and linking it to the food that you had at the moment. This will help you in keeping a track of the experiences and make you understand how food can affect the one’s mood.

Tips on maintaining a diary are given as follows:

  1. Diary has to be always with you so that you could write a clear-cut experience.
  2. Mention the medicines that you are taking or any health supplement that you took, particularly for that day.
  3. Write about any physical activity that you performed.
  4. Keep a record of the things that you are eating, and also mention the place from where you had it. The details about the place are more important than what it may seem to you.
  5. You can use a wellness tracking app, and keep a check on your health and mood. Then, note down the results in your diary.
  6. People with whom you have your food also matters. Write them down in your diary if you had your dinner alone, or with your family.
  7. Also, note down your doc visits and the recommendations they gave you. Then, follow them in the later days.

That’s how you keep a health diary for yourself. Just make sure that you are not keeping any information hidden, instead be completely open to the diary. Later on, share it with your regular doc and get more insights on the changes you need to make.

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