How to Maintain a Health Diary | for Personal Wellness

Creating a personal diary is not a tough job as it may seem to you. Now, you may bluntly ask me as – why to keep a diary, that too a health diary? What’s the importance of it?

If I ask you how are you feeling, you may be either happy or sad depending on your mood. But if you are focussing on your diet, you will realize that a lot of times – our mood is determined by what goes inside our tummy! Believe it or not!

Maintain a Health Diary

Therefore, if you simply want to take control of your happiness and mood – then keeping a control on your diet is a must, and you can achieve it with the help of a Health Diary. But how to do that? We shall find out.

How to Maintain a Health Diary

There are no fixed rules on how to start a health diary, as it is simply a book in which you can writing down your mood and linking it to the food that you had at the moment. This will help you in keeping a track of the experiences and make you understand how food can affect the one’s mood.

Tips on maintaining a diary are given as follows:

  1. Diary has to be always with you so that you could write a clear-cut experience.
  2. Mention the medicines that you are taking or any health supplement that you took, particularly for that day.
  3. Write about any physical activity that you performed.
  4. Keep a record of the things that you are eating, and also mention the place from where you had it. The details about the place are more important than what it may seem to you.
  5. You can use a wellness tracking app, and keep a check on your health and mood. Then, note down the results in your diary.
  6. People with whom you have your food also matters. Write them down in your diary if you had your dinner alone, or with your family.
  7. Also, note down your doc visits and the recommendations they gave you. Then, follow them in the later days.

That’s how you keep a health diary for yourself. Just make sure that you are not keeping any information hidden, instead be completely open to the diary. Later on, share it with your regular doc and get more insights on the changes you need to make.