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Then you will like comics911!

Hey, this is Benny here and I belong to the Kamden Town in the US. Professionally I am an interior designer but I always had this thing of writing diaries and keeping them safe and away from the reach of people. Another thing I love is surfing the net and Googling all the random stuff on my mind. This is where I got the idea to share a part of my diary entries with you guys in the form of digital Blogs.

I will try my best to keep a variety of topics on my blog so that you don’t get bored. It was never my plan to start the page, instead, it was wifey’s idea and she is the one who encouraged me to share my thoughts with an audience. She is the person who introduced me to Web Blogging, and I literally went speechless. She understands me like no one else, so thank you, Alina.

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